How To Use The Sensor Backpack In Fortnite?

How To Use The Sensor Backpack In Fortnite?

The sensor backpack is useful for the week 8 Resistance challenges in Fortnite, which call for you to use one to locate an Energy Fluctuation close to Loot Lake. Keep in mind that you must finish all previous Resistance tasks before you can access the current ones. After doing so, you’ll be allowed to advance with the missions for this week.

The Sensor Backpack quest requires you to travel to two specific locations on the island in the same match so that you can use the sensor backpack challenge to get rewards. In this article, you will learn how to use the sensor backpack in Fortnite in a step by step guide.  

How To Use The Sensor Backpack In Fortnite?
How To Use The Sensor Backpack In Fortnite?

How To Use The Sensor Backpack In Fortnite Step By Step

The Fortnite Chapter Three season two week 8 Resistance tasks have come, and the final task in the set is proving to be very difficult for many players. The first of the quest’s three main stages is the easiest to finish.

For this specific sensor backpack challenge in Fortnite, players must travel to the selected point of interest, such as Synapse Station or the area to the west of Greasy Grove. Near the locations where they can begin the quest, players should see white question marks.

  • Players will hear the Origin’s comments after finishing the first stage. After talking about the Paradigm’s message, he gives the looper instructions to obtain the Sensor Backpack from one of the two locations marked on the map below and finish the challenge’s second level. The sensor backpack in Fortnite can be used and utilized in this manner.
  • Before heading to Loot Lake, which is to the north of Titled Towers, players must visit any of these places and obtain the orange-colored Sensor Backpack.
  • Players should hear a constant beeping sound and notice that their Back Bling has been replaced with the orange backpack after equipping the Sensor Backpack. Because finding the exact location of the Energy Fluctuation in Fortnite can be difficult, players should head to a location around The Fortress’ southern edge.
  • Players should see two enormous rocks with a yellow energy fluctuation in the middle of them after crossing the river.
  • Players can also observe energy oscillations in other locations, such as the area between the trees northeast of Tilted Towers.
  • When they are about to arrive at the destination, players should hear their bag beeping sometimes. The Energy Fluctuation will reward players with 23,000 XP, which they can use to finish their fight pass.
  • Players should be aware that if someone dies after equipping the backpack, they must equip it once more in the following game and visit the Energy Fluctuation locations to restart the objective.
  • Players that drop in for this quest will need to grab a few weapons and keep an eye out for foes in order to prevent having to search for Energy Fluctuation sites again.


In the article above, you have learned how to can first find a sensor backpack and then use the sensor backpack to complete the challenge in the season of Fortnite. You should follow the exact steps and also take help from images to easily use the sensor backpack in Fortnite.

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