How To Use Omni Chips Fortnite?

How To Use Omni Chips Fortnite?

For the first season of Fortnite, players should look for Omni Chips to collect in a manner akin to how they would look for feathers in Chapter 3, Season 1. The most recent season of the game doesn’t explicitly describe how to get these chips or what they do, despite the fact that the idea isn’t new.

However, this article will provide you with the details of how to use Omni chips Fortnite in step by step guide. You must be wondering what Omni chips are in Fortnite. To put it simply, Omni chips are the new kind of collectibles that you will need to collect in Fortnite.

How To Use Omni Chips Fortnite?
How To Use Omni Chips Fortnite?

How To Use Omni Chips Fortnite Step By-Step Guide

Fortnite adds a new collectible every season; in Chapter 3, Season 2, it’s the Omni Chips’ so now you know what Omni chips are.

The following are the steps for using the Omni chips in Fortnite.

  • To find Omni Chips and use them for certain functions, players must first earn the Omni Sword Harvesting Tool from Page 1 of Chapter 3 of the Season 2 Battle Pass.
  • The “Omni Sword” questline will then begin in the Quests tab as a result of this.
  • Three tasks are offered by the questline each week, and they will all be accessible till the completion of the campaign.
  • More significantly, they will point you in the right direction to find three Omni Chips in specific places, like Mighty Monument.
  • The “Reprogram Omni Sword” menu on the Battle Pass tab is where owners of the Omni Sword can use their Omni Chips to purchase various Omni Sword designs.
  • Basically, once they have gathered enough chips, players can construct the sword as they choose.
  • In this menu, some designs—usually the greatest ones—will be marked as locked. This is due to the fact that in order to possess them, you must first purchase other designs belonging to the same category.
  • You better go to work because these locked ideas typically cost one or two more Omni Chips than the others.
  • Over the past few months, Fortnite Omni Chips have been steadily emerging throughout the island. Now, all 72 of these treasures have been made public.
  • The current season is almost over, so now is the perfect time to go out and gather them. However, this isn’t the only method to do it; chips are also given as additional goals for completing milestones by finishing the weekly Season Fortnite missions.
  • To access all of the Omni Sword-style awards, you’ll need to have every chip available from both sources.
  • Once you begin collecting Fortnite Omni Chips, you can use them in the Battle Pass’s Omni Sword reprogram menu to unlock several harvesting tool variants.
  • These change the Omni Sword’s overall color, the appearance of the blades and guards, as well as the sounds it makes when it is swung.
  • Some of them have a requirement that you must complete in order to be eligible for other rewards in the same category.


In this article, you have learned about what are Omni chips in Fortnite and what they are used for. Additionally, how to use the Omni chips in Fortnite has also been discussed in the article, which would be helpful for you if you want to take advantage of this new type of collectibles in Fortnite.

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