How To Use Fortnite Gift Card?

How To Use Fortnite Gift Card?

V-Bucks, the virtual currency used in Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World, are one of the company’s revenue streams. These virtual currency units may be used to purchase seasonal Battle Passes, one-time skins, and leveling stuff.

Players can buy packs without having to provide their personal information online because physical gift cards are also offered for sale at retail establishments. Though these V-Bucks can also be bought directly from the in-game store, these physical gift cards are more expensive.

This article will teach you how to use Fortnite Gift Cards, also known as the V-bucks, which can be redeemed.

How To Use Fortnite Gift Card?
How To Use Fortnite Gift Card?

How To Use Fortnite Gift Card Step By Step

A gift card can only be redeemed for the given number of V-Bucks, which are exclusive to Fortnite and are available at no cost and without any time restrictions.

V-Bucks cannot be used outside of Fortnite’s guidelines and are not money or any other kind of cash.

First and foremost, holders of gift cards need a browser and an Epic Games account.

  • Start by going to the Epic Games website. By clicking the symbol in the upper right and inputting their specific log in information for the platform they use, Loopers may quickly sign in to the account they wish to utilize the code on, and it works exactly like logging into your account.
  • After the player’s accounts are linked, they should double-check the top-right icon to ensure that the username listed corresponds to the one they use to log in to the game.
  • Players only need to visit the official Fortnite page, click on their login, and then select “Redeem V-Bucks,” as displayed in the image below.
  • The PIN code can be found on the back of the card by clicking “Get Started” and then scratching off the foil. Click “Next” after entering the code in the box without the dashes.
  • Players will need to choose the device they wish to redeem their V-Bucks on because they are a platform-specific currency that is not transferred between consoles.
  • Players should be able to choose the appropriate device if they have the necessary information, as platforms without a linked account will be greyed out. Players should be able to enter matches using the account they play on.
  • Users of Android, Switch, and PC devices will now have access to V-Bucks in their accounts to purchase fresh Fortnite skins when they restart their games.
  • Users of the Xbox and PlayStation will be directed to a website with a 12 or 25-character code after inputting the code, and the user’s connected email address will also receive the code. After that, they can use this code to access the Xbox or PlayStation Stores.


In this article, you have learned how you can use a Fortnite gift card to redeem different special gifts. The article has also included some images which can help you navigate through the steps easily and redeem your gift cards to receive special gifts in Fortnite.

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