How To Use An Ascender Fortnite?

How To Use An Ascender Fortnite?

In essence, a Fortnite Ascender is a vertical zipline. Ascenders are a kind of assisted mode of transportation, similar to Fortnite zip lines. Ascenders are not something you can utilize or lay down on your own; they are fixed fixtures in specific locations throughout the map.

You can be quickly raised from the ground to an elevated position using an ascender. You can also fast descend from high land by sliding down an Ascender or the other way around. In this article, you will learn how to use an Ascender in Fortnite, which can help you take advantage of the Ascender in Fortnite.

How To Use An Ascender Fortnite?

How To Use An Ascender Fortnite Step By Step

Players have been instructed to use Ascenders at Chonker’s Speedway and Command Cavern as part of the brand-new Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Week 3 tasks.

When Chapter 3 Season 2 began, ascenders were only one of the numerous new features that were added to the game. However, you might not have even seen them.

A vertical zipline called an ascender can be used to ascend to the top of the many IO blimps that are scattered throughout the landscape. Similar to conventional zip lines, if a player jumps off while utilizing one of these, they won’t suffer any fall damage.

Particularly helpful in No-Build Battle Royale and competitions like the Fortnite Zero Build Trials are Fortnite Ascenders. Without buildings, getting to specific locations on the island or coming down from a high point is much more challenging. Under these restrictions, Fortnite Ascenders are an essential tool.

Now, in order to use an Ascender in Fortnite, you must first locate the Ascender in Fortnite.

  • Fortnite Ascenders may be found in Command Cavern and Chonker’s Speedway. According to the map below, there are a total of five Ascenders in each region.
  • Conker’s Speedway’s Ascenders are fastened to the several cliffs and rocks that traverse the object of interest. It would be challenging to ascend to the top of these sites without an Ascender.
  • The Imagined Order Blimp is a flying object that has three of the five Ascenders at Command Cavern linked to it. Here, ascenders act as both a safe means to exit the IO Blimp and a point of entry to the IO Blimp.

Once you have located an Ascender in Fortnite, now is the time to get to know how to use an Ascender.

  • Simply approach the vertical zipline and hit the “interact” button.
  • The interact button can differ on different devices. For instance, the interact button is typically “E” on PCs, “Square” on PlayStation 4s, and “X” on Xbox 360 controllers, to use an ascender.
  • However, the controller settings may need to be checked because the interact button can be remapped.

So, this is all that you need to know about how to use an Ascender in Fortnite for the various purposes that an Ascender be used for. But first, you must locate and find an Ascender in order to use it effectively and efficiently.


In this article, you have learned how you can use an Ascender in Fortnite in a few easy steps. As was covered in the post, an ascender is a pretty helpful tool in Fortnite that can be applied to a number of different situations. Also, the uses of an Ascender in Fortnite have also been discussed.

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