How To Get Rid Of Quick Chat In Among Us?

How To Get Rid Of Quick Chat In Among Us?

The game Among Us is all about communication, collaborating with your crewmates, laying blame, and expelling the fakes, You can choose from a list of pre-written lines in Among Us’ rapid chat option, but you might want to turn it off so you can type at will.

Early in 2021, the game’s creator Innersloth included a fast chat feature. It enables you to communicate with other players by using pre-made templates that are arranged into groups like an accusation, systems, and location. You may choose “Please perform your tasks” or “A killed B,” for instance.

The quick chat has two objectives. As the name implies, you can rapidly choose frequently used phrases rather than typing them out each time and protect young people. This article will provide you with the details on how to get rid of quick chat in Among Us.

How To Get Rid Of Quick Chat In Among Us?
How To Get Rid Of Quick Chat In Among Us?

How To Get Rid Of Quick Chat In Among Us Step By Step?

Since Among Us is mostly a deductive game, participants must communicate quickly, which can only be done through in-game chat. Yes, players on PCs can utilize IM services at any time. Console players, however, who play with strangers in public lobbies, do not have this choice.

When someone calls an emergency meeting or discovers a body, players can now communicate with each other more quickly, thanks to the new Quick Chat function.

The sole conversation option accessible to users under the age of 13 is Quick Chat, mostly to prevent instances of name-calling and cyberbullying.

To facilitate quicker, safer, and more convenient communication, Among Us released Quick chat (version 2021.2.21) on March 6. There’s no denying that this function is intended to simplify and make in-game conversation safer (for kids) so that players can communicate more quickly and locate the imposter (s).

Here are all the steps needed to get rid of the Quick Chat in Among Us game:

  • You must access the settings from the main menu, often known as the title screen, to disable Quick Chat in Among Us.
  • To do that, click the bottom-positioned gear icon.
  • Find the Chat Type option by first clicking on Data in the top right corner of the page.
  • Change the setting to “Free or Quick Chat” if it is currently set to “Quick Chat Only.”
  • You can now use Free Chat as you like if you entered your birthday accurately and are over the age of thirteen.
  • You can only use Quick Chat if you are under thirteen or if you are over thirteen but accidentally entered the wrong birthday as a joke.


In this article, you have learned how you can easily get rid of the quick chat features in the popular game Among Us. The article has listed simple and easy steps which you can follow if you want to get rid of the quick chat feature in the game.

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