How To Get People To Join Your Among Us Game?

How To Get People To Join Yours Among Us Game?

Among Us is a very well-liked multiplayer game among players of all ages. You can play with your pals in addition to playing in open competitions with other gamers. This will stop people from joining your exclusive games.

Do you want to play Among Us games with a group of people and want to know how to get people to join your Among Us game? Finding a trustworthy group is difficult because of the disconnected server issues and the possible games being canceled because of the insufficient number of participants.

Here are several methods you can use to recruit players to play Among Us with you, but ultimately, convincing your gaming pals to acquire the game and play with you is probably the best course of action. This article will greatly help you in finding more people to join your Among Us game.

How To Get People To Join Your Among Us Game?
How To Get People To Join Your Among Us Game?

How To Get People To Join Your Among Us Game?

Hosting an Among Us game is one of the finest ways to encourage others to participate. An Among Us game can be made by a single person. You must select that location in order to make your game accessible to others because it is crucial to have a host in the same area as the guests you are hosting.

You must select the Create Game option after selecting the region. You can select your game’s map, the maximum number of participants, and the language you want your lobby to be available in from this box. You can then choose your players and start the game after everything is finished.

The official game Discord channel is the first place you should go if you want to get more people to join your Among Us game.

  • If you have a Discord account, you can connect with a lot of people by joining the official Among Us Discord channel whenever you want, as long as Innersloth is active.
  • You can join the channel and start a conversation with the many others looking for a game to play.
  • It’s an excellent way to check on the server’s status as well, especially if you’re having any problems.
  • It’s a wonderful one-stop shop for every player of Among Us because the devs frequently release notifications and updates.

Investigating the Steam conversations page is the next option.

  • Due to how popular Among Us has grown, new players frequently mention that they are looking for some company to check out a match with.
  • To build your own community and gradually recruit more players, you may start a private Among Us Discord channel.
  • Some gamers have uploaded their Discord channels on the Steam page in this manner. But finally, take a look at it and keep requesting the friendship of other players.

Last but not least, encourage your Steam buddies to join. While four players can start a game, six or eight players are probably more entertaining.


You may simply host a game for only your friends, but did you know that you can also make it available to everyone at any time? You can combine friends and random gamers in your lobby, thus, it is feasible. This article provides you with the methods which you can use to get people to join your Among Us game.

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