Are you a GAMER who is looking for some tips on how to get Kraken in Dank Memer? Well, you have come to the right page! Here, we’ll be exploring the exciting and mysterious world of Kraken and how to acquire one in the popular game ‘Dank Memer’. We will also tell you how can you obtain him easily.

What is  KRAKEN?

Kraken is a powerful entity in Dank Memer, the popular Discord-based game. It is one of the most feared creatures and has been known to appear randomly in games. Kraken has many different roles and capabilities in the game, but its main purpose is to protect valuable items from being stolen by other players.

When a player attempts to steal an item, Kraken will appear and challenge them to a battle. If the player wins, they will be able to keep the item. However, if they lose, Kraken will take the item back and may even drop additional items upon defeat! Kraken also has the ability to manipulate weather conditions like creating storms or heavy rain that can make it difficult for players to navigate the world. The player must be wary of Kraken’s presence as they may be attacked while exploring areas or attempting quests. Ultimately, Kraken is a powerful foe that can make or break a game and its outcome!

How To Get Kraken?

Are you a fan of the Dank Memer game but don’t know how to get the Kraken? Well, no worries as we have prepared a comprehensive guide that will help you get your hands on it in 10 easy steps!

1. Buy the Sea Shells from the shop by spending some of your coins. You can buy as many ever shells as you want, but make sure you have plenty of coins to get the Kraken.

2. Gather your resources and buy some crates from the merchant in exchange for Sea Shells. The more shells you have, the bigger crates will be rewarded to you. You will need a lot of them for getting the Kraken!

3. Complete the daily quests that appear on your screen every day as this will help you to earn more rewards. You have a limited time to complete these quests, so make sure you do it within the time limit.

4. Once you have enough rewards, trade them in for some rare items like a Mysterious Box or an Ancient Relic. These items can help you to advance in the game and eventually get your hands on the Kraken.

5. Keep collecting more rewards by doing daily quests, trading resources with other players, and exploring the world of Dank Memer. The game will also reward you for completing difficult tasks like killing bosses or solving puzzles.

6. With enough rewards, you can now purchase a Kraken Egg from the merchant. Make sure that you have enough coins to buy it or else the egg will be lost forever!

7. Now it’s time to hatch your Kraken egg and get yourself an adorable pet Kraken! You will need to feed it some food and also take good care of it to make sure that it grows up healthy and strong.

8. Keep an eye on your Kraken’s progress, as it will gain new abilities and powers over time. You can check its stats from the menu in order to understand how powerful it is becoming!

9. With your Kraken now fully grown, it’s time to take it out on an adventure. You can explore different parts of the map and battle other players with your Kraken as you go!

10. Congratulations! By following these steps, you have successfully acquired a powerful pet in the form of a Kraken. Enjoy your newfound power and have fun playing Dank Memer!


We hope this step-by-step guide to how to get KRAKEN in the Dank Memer game has been helpful for you. Let us know how it worked out for you and if you had any difficulties with the process. Good luck and happy gaming!

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