How To Get Free Skins On League Of Legends?

How To Get Free Skins On League Of Legends?

In League of Legends, skins are typically the only paid element that gamers are enthusiastic about.

But there is a very important reason why League of Legends gamers look for skins, especially if they are free. Skins aren’t merely cosmetic variations of the characters we play every day in this game. They have typically improved weapons that improve our performance with the same character.

Star Guardian Zoe is an illustrative case in point. There is a clear difference between the width of the spell animations on the Star Guardian Skin and the base Zoe appearance. Obviously, the skin has no impact on the hitbox of ability, but it greatly improves our aim. The casing and iBlitzcrank are fairly comparable. For a very long time, many argued that his grab animation was longer than the default one. And eventually, the skin was outlawed in competitive gaming! So, if you are wondering how to get free skins in League of legends, then you can read the article to find the three best ways to get free skins.

How To Get Free Skins On League Of Legends?
How To Get Free Skins On League Of Legends?

How To Get Free Skins On League Of Legends Complete Guide

Here are all the ways which you can use to get free skins in League of Legends:

Open Chests

By unlocking several chests, you can obtain skins completely free, which is one of the finest methods. You can earn loot by participating in more games and achieving better grades with champions. You might receive random champion skin shards when you open chests, but you also might receive ward skin shards, champion shards, emotes, etc.

Free Skins

Some of the skins are available as free rewards for completing quick tasks provided by Riot. The list of skins and instructions for obtaining them are below:

  • Riot Tristana – To obtain this skin, you must use the coupon app that you can access on the League of Legends website to “Like” the Riot Games’ official Facebook page. All you have to do to claim the skin is leave a like and your summoner name.
How To Get Free Skins On League Of Legends complete guide?
  • By reaching level 5, you can obtain the skin known as Sanguine Garen. When you reach this level, a reward chest containing this skin will be given to you.
  • Invite three friends or create three new accounts to obtain Grey Warwick. You will receive the Grey Warwick skin once all three accounts have reached level 10.
  • The process for obtaining Medieval Twitch is comparable to that of obtaining Grey Warwick. You will receive a Medieval Twitch skin after they reach level 10.

LoL Tournaments

Each month, you and your friends can submit an application for the Clash tournament. Depending on where you finish in the competition, winning games will award you champion skin shards. The awards get better the higher you place. You can also submit an application for competitions organized by Twitch streamers.

If you are a competent player, you may apply for these tournaments for free, and if you win, you will receive a variety of skins. You can sign up for tournaments on many different websites, and if you succeed, you’ll receive the Triumphant Ryze skin. You should get in touch with the event organizers so they can give you a Triumphant Ryze activation code.


This article has explained the three best ways using which you can get free skins on League of Legends. If you believed that purchasing skins was the only way to obtain them, you were mistaken. There are numerous methods for obtaining free skins in League of Legends.

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