How To Get Free Riot Points In League Of Legends?

How To Get Free Riot Points In League Of Legends?

One of the most well-known online multiplayer battle-arena video games is League of Legends from Riot Games, also referred to as LoL. The game, which is accessible to Windows and Mac users, is sometimes referred to as a freemium game because you may access premium features by paying real money in addition to playing it for free.

Riot Points (RP), another in-game money in League of Legends, as well as Influence Points (IP) and Blue Essence, are also available (BE). The former points can be obtained by playing and winning matches frequently, but not so for RP because you have to pay real money for it.

League of Legends has been enhancing options for players to earn more exclusive cosmetic items and awards without having to use real money. Playing the game is enough to gather several alternatives, such as in-game chests and capsules. Others offer free incentives with a third-party subscription or service, such as Twitch’s Prime Gaming rewards. Through Microsoft Rewards, this latest endeavor might result in fans earning a limitless number of Riot Points. This article will explain methods for how to get free riot points in League of Legends:

How To Get Free Riot Points In League Of Legends?
How To Get Free Riot Points In League Of Legends?

How To Get Free Riot Points In League Of Legends Complete Guide

The following are some of the best methods which you can use to get free riot points in the famous game the League of Legends.


The League of Legends official Twitter account introduced the new program. Despite the offer seeming too good to be true, League of Legends players can actually theoretically claim an endless number of Riot Points courtesy of Microsoft by just using Bing searches and nudging a few numbers on Microsoft’s end to claim.

How To Get Free Riot Points In League Of Legends?

There are two alternatives available for the program, one costing 100 Riot Points and the other 650 Riot Points. By logging into or establishing a Microsoft account, you can redeem these. The “Earn” page will then provide a selection of tasks, each of which will award you points that may be applied to your Riot Points Gift Card. The cost of the 100 Riot Point and 650 Riot Point options is 1,000 Microsoft Rewards points and 6,500 Microsoft Rewards points, respectively. Although there aren’t many activities, they regularly recharge.

Register With Surveyjunkie

There are reputable survey websites like SurveyJunkie where you may complete a few tasks to earn money and points. If you don’t already have an account, you only need to establish one to begin performing easy chores. You will receive points for each assignment you do, which you can keep accumulating until you have enough to exchange for RP.

Enter Giveaways

Numerous YouTubers, streamers, influencers, and content producers, in general, run giveaways for their subscribers and followers. Just keep signing up for these contests until you are fortunate enough to win. Additionally, there is no danger in entering as many freebies as you can; even if you don’t win, you won’t lose anything. Follow as many content producers who specialize in League of Legends, especially as you can, and you should see a giveaway.

Join Xpango

You can spend points that you can later exchange for Riot Points codes by signing up with Xpango. Similar to the other websites described above, you must first register for an account on Xpango and accrue as many points as you can. You can earn these points by playing games, inviting friends to join the site, watching advertisements, and more.

Use PrizeRebel

A trustworthy website like SurveJunkie is PrizeRebel. You can also gain points on this platform by participating in and finishing short surveys. You shouldn’t have any trouble finishing them since the majority of the tasks you must complete are rather straightforward.


This article has listed some of the best methods that can be utilized in order to get free riot points in League of Legends. Riot Points are one of the various offers that League of Legends currently has for players (RP), and you can use the methods mentioned in the article.

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