How To Get Free IP On League Of Legends?

How To Get Free IP On League Of Legends?

Two teams of five players each make up League of Legends, a multiplayer game. Protecting their area is their main concern. A player vs. player contest is played by each team. Each player can use a champion in battle. To grow stronger and beat their opponents, champions must acquire experience points, gold, and gear.

There are in-game purchases available for customizable characters, one-of-a-kind equipment, and skills, even though the game is free to play. The vibrant colors and captivating characters make the game stand out.

League of Legends players can unlock champions and buy runes with influence points or IP. Getting IP can seem like a pain if you’re still learning Summoner’s Rift. Fortunately, you can intervene on your own to hasten the procedure a little. If you follow the recommendations in this tutorial, you’ll soon be able to unlock champions and rune pages. This article will help you to know how to get free IP on League of Legends.

How To Get Free IP On League Of Legends?
How To Get Free IP On League Of Legends?

How To Get Free IP On League Of Legendscomplete Guide

Here is the complete guide for getting free IP on the famous game League of Legends.

Earning IP From Bot Games

New players can rank up and practice new champions in co-op games versus AI opponents.

Co-op games are still a respectable format for collecting IP. I participated in a 15-minute intermediate difficulty bot game as a test won and received a pitiful 30 IP. Level 20+ players shouldn’t engage in bot games since they won’t be receiving the maximum amount of XP or IP, and they won’t be progressing as swiftly as they would if they were playing human opponents.

First Win Of The Day Bonus

The “first win of the day” bonus (150 IP) will be the most significant daily boost to your IP reserve if you’re cultivating IP. You can play at the same time every day to receive your FWotD bonus because it has a 22-hour cooldown.

IP Boosts

If you need IP badly enough, you can use Riot Points to buy an IP boost (RP). You can buy temporary IP boosts that last for a set number of days or game wins in the store’s Gameplay > Boosts area. I strongly advise against exchanging your hard-earned money for internet points.

However, one reason you might do so is to be able to afford runes because you can only buy runes with IP, and choosing the best runes can offer you an advantage in the game.

 In any case, Riot will soon remove purchasable runes from the game.

Using IP and Refunds Wisely

As you advance in rank, you might be tempted to spend your IP on pricey champions, but think first about putting together a squad of 450 IP champions.

Never return the purchase of a champion. Assume you paid 6300 for Kindred and afterward regretted your decision. Champions are investments. Thus it’s never a bad idea to purchase one in champion choose in case a future teammate wants to trade for it.


Simply put, Matchmaking game victories are the most effective way to gain IP. You only receive two-thirds as many IPs when you lose a game. Your IP “jackpot” grows proportionately with each passing minute of play until the clock strikes 55:00, at which point it reaches its maximum. Additionally, you can use the methods mentioned in the article to get free IP on League of Legends.

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