How To Get Beans In Among Us?

How To Get Beans In Among Us?

Beans, the game’s money, are acquired whether the player wins or loses. Players can take advantage of the fact that they can win them in both private and public matches to swiftly accumulate them.

To begin a game, all participants need to do is round up at least four individuals; as soon as the game begins, they must convene an emergency meeting. The imposter must then speak up and get a unanimous vote of no confidence. Each player will receive a bean, and the process can be repeated as often as desired. Alternatively, the imposter may reduce the kill cooldown and instantly kill everyone.

The payoff for beating the game this way is often between 50 and 90 beans, so it’s not much, but it’s simple. So, if you want a faster way to get beans, then this article will explore how to get beans in Among Us fast.

How To Get Beans In Among Us?
How To Get Beans In Among Us?

How To Get Beans In Among Us Step By Step?

One of the new currencies included in Among Us is the bean. This can be exchanged for a number of things that are available in the in-game store. You don’t have to take out your wallet to earn more beans because you can’t buy them with actual money. 

  • By taking part in informal games, everyone can earn beans. That means all you have to do is sign up for an online game, play it alone or with others, and at the end of each game, you’ll get paid in beans.
How To Get Beans In Among Us?
  • You’ll discover that almost all of the Hets, Skins, Visors, and Cosmicube in the game’s store require beans to buy if you visit the store section.
  • You must participate in the game to earn beans, and if you win, you will receive a large number of beans. If you wish to receive more beans after winning, you must raise your level, which can only be done by playing and winning more games.
  • If you wish to extend the number of bonus beans you receive after winning the game, you must play for as long as you can because the bonus beans you receive in that scenario will be quite little if you capture the imposter too early, and your game finishes very quickly.

Due to the fact that both may be acquired simply by playing the game, Pods and Beans are quite similar. However, “Among Us” players need to make sure that a Cosmicube is turned on in order to gain Pods. Since XP grants multiplier bonuses for the number of Beans and Pods gained, players can also level up to earn additional Pods and Beans.

How To Get Snow Beans In Among Us

There are a few ways to get snow beans in Among Us. The first is to complete tasks around the map. Some of these tasks will award you with a snow bean. Another way to get snow beans is to purchase them from the store using your in-game currency.

Finally, you can also find snow beans as random drops from chests that you come across while exploring the map. Keep an eye out for these chests and open them up when you see them have a chance at getting a snow bean. With snow beans in hand, you can then use them to purchase items from the store or trade them with other players.

How To Get Jelly Beans In Among Us

In order to get jelly beans in Among Us, you will need to complete certain tasks or goals within the game. Some of these tasks may include cleaning up messes, repairing systems, or completing objectives. Once you have completed one of these tasks, you will be awarded a jelly bean.

The number of jelly beans that you can earn in a game is limited, so it is important to make sure that you complete the task at hand efficiently in order to maximize your earnings. Additionally, some players may choose to trade their jelly beans with others in order to get different items or colors that they want. Ultimately, how you obtain your jelly beans is up to you, but keep in mind that they can be a valuable resource in Among Us.

How To Get Red Beans In Among Us

To get red beans in Among Us, you’ll need to purchase them from the in-game store. You can do this by opening the game and selecting the “Store” option from the main menu. Once you’re in the store, select the “Red Beans” option and purchase them with your chosen payment method. After your purchase is complete, the red beans will be added to your inventory and you’ll be able to use them as desired.


This article has helped you with how you can get beans in the famous Among Us game. The core Crewmates vs. Imposter framework of “Among Us” has been expanded in a recent update by Inner sloth. So, Beans and Pods, two new in-game currencies that enable players to buy new cosmetic items and other in-game content, are introduced.

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